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The Sciences Po Rennes degree


Sciences Po Rennes offers students a five-year degree program.

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“I felt like I discovered the world and learned how it works at Sciences Po Rennes.”

The Sciences Po approach to education

Analyze and take action in the Anthropocene epoch

Sciences Po Rennes is a place of academic learning where students acquire knowledge rooted in both theory and method. Our educational approach aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to take action in a changing world shaped by the Anthropocene epoch.

A full-time five-year program based on a unique teaching approach

Sciences Po Rennes offers a multidisciplinary program of study of the highest level of excellence, in the humanities and social sciences, covering law, economics, history, political science and languages. Students are familiarized with a wide range of methods and tools needed to analyze the world of today, its challenges, and forthcoming transformative change.

The first year of study, very broad in scope, includes courses in economics, law, philosophy, political science, two modern languages and training in analysis, research and documentation.

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Students continue a solid core curriculum but also choose courses that will allow them to enroll in their selected major in fourth year.

>> List of courses (Rennes campus)

>> List of courses (Caen campus)

International mobility forum

Sciences Po Rennes was the first institute of political science in France to make a full year of study in another country a mandatory component of a student’s degree program. This unparalleled experience abroad, a chance to learn a language in depth and discover other people and cultures, can be organized as a full-year of studies or a combination of classes (a semester at a university) and internships.

Fourth-year students select a major at one of our four schools : the School of Public Policy, the School of Journalism, the School of International Affairs, or the School of Organization Management. A multidisciplinary core curriculum (languages, fundamental courses and seminars) still makes up half of the course load.

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In fifth year, students pursue the Master 2 or equivalent program chosen at the outset of year four.

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Graduation ceremony (2022)

A five-year degree program

The Sciences Po degree is awarded upon completing five years of study. It became officially recognized as a Master’s-level degree in 2005. Students can apply to earn an intermediate, Bachelor-level degree if they wish, and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) ensures that credits are obtained for even a partially completed program of study.

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Earned degrees

At the end of their program, students obtain two degrees :

  • the Sciences Po Rennes degree, which recognizes five years of study at the institute
  • a national Master's or equivalent degree, a career-oriented degree that unlocks access to the student's chosen profession