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The ScPo Network

ScPo is a network of seven institutes of political science: Aix-en-Provence, Lille, Lyon, Rennes, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Strasbourg and Toulouse. They offer high-level, multidisciplinary programs of study with a focus on law, economics, history, political science and languages.

The ScPo Network leads several joint initiatives:

  • network-wide entrance exam access at any of the seven institutes. Candidates sit a single day of exams at the location nearest them (April).
  • a virtual, open-access, open house event to present the political science program and answer questions (November).
  • an equal opportunity policy supported by the national integrated studies program (PEI) in high schools and a certified online course to prepare for political science studies (‘Tremplin’) for all students, with tuition adjusted to resources.
  • a virtual campus for third-year students unable to complete their year of study abroad.
  • a network-wide catalog of Master’s programs that provides fifth-year students access to over 80 specializations.

>> ScPo Network website

The Directors of the ScPo Network, from left to right: Pierre Mathiot (Lille), Rostane Mehdi (Aix-en-Provence), Pablo Diaz (Rennes), Hélène Surrel (Lyon), Céline Braconnier (Saint-Germain-en-Laye), Eric Darras (Toulouse), Jean-Philippe Heurtin(Strasbourg)

The Université de Rennes

The Université de Rennes is an experimental public institution (EPE), of which Sciences Po Rennes is a member institution, along with the former Université Rennes 1, INSA Rennes, ENCSR, ENS Rennes, and EHESP.

Member institutions of Université de Rennes implement common policies on programs of study, research, student life and international outreach. This unique ‘Rennes’ cooperation model accommodates each school’s institutional identity.

>> Université de Rennes website