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Our students flourish in the pleasant environment offered at the Cloister of Sciences Po Rennes and the Caen campus.

One school, two cities.

Our students flourish in the pleasant environment offered at the Cloister of Sciences Po Rennes and the Caen campus.

Place de la République de Rennes
© Ville de Rennes
Rue Froide de Caen
© Service de la ville de Caen —, sous licence CC BY-SA 4.0

Rennes is the capital of Brittany, a region at the north-west tip of France. Rennes is a quintessential university town and home to over 70,000 students every year. The city also has a rich arts scene of festivals, music, dance, contemporary art and live performances. Traditional heritage meets urban culture, and the region’s terroir offers excellent food and dining.

Caen, the administrative capital of Normandy, is a multi-faceted city. Home to William the Conqueror, the city has a beautiful historic district, a castle in its center, two abbeys, and one of the oldest universities, rebuilt as a large American-style campus. The Presqu’île de Caen eco-district brings art and innovation together in a recent development of new spaces. Heir to the D-Day landings, Caen is a maritime city, with its downtown core only a few kilometers from the coast.

The Rennes Campus: welcome to the Cloister

The Rennes Campus in the region of Brittany is famous for its historic cloister, the former site of the Ecole Normale d’Institutrice and a pleasantly green setting where students gather in between classes. A hundred-year-old oak tree stands in the center of the large library.

Welcome to Caen!

Students at this campus study urban planning, participatory democracy, citizen consultation, foresight, geopolitical and social issues in Northern Europe and the rights of future generations, as part of the Normandy Chair for Peace program.

The Caen campus is located in the heart of the city, on the former site of the School of Fine Arts. It has a library and radio studio. Ever active outside its walls, the Caen campus hosts numerous courses in the Presqu’île district at locations dedicated to the arts, urban planning and open innovation.

Discover western France

Sciences Po Rennes continues to develop courses of study across western France. A Master’s-level degree on the “Governance of metropolitan areas, public affairs and maritime issues” has launched in Brest with the [Université de Bretagne-Occidentale]. New partnerships will be forged in the future throughout the region.

>> Partnership with Brest: a focus on maritime issues