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Sciences Po Rennes : an opportunity to seize


If you are interested in a range of subjects in the humanities and social sciences, a political science degree may be for right for you ! 

Bruno Tilly, maitre de conférences, propose un cours à des lycéens du programme PEI dans les locaux de Sciences Po Rennes
© Sciences Po Rennes / A lecture led by Professor Bruno Tilly for high school pupils in France’s integrated studies program (PEI)

Why try Sciences Po Rennes ?

No need to narrow down disciplines

Our students prefer to study several disciplines after high school — history, economics, philosophy, sociology — rather than specialize too soon. If you feel the same way, Sciences Po may be for you. Some even wish to continue in the sciences by enrolling in an INSA-Sciences Po double degree.

Take the time to learn

The first three years of a degree program at Sciences Po Rennes are based on a general curriculum, leaving you the time you need to select a major in the fourth year.

Learn how to learn and cultivate your intellectual curiosity

We focus on the pleasure of exploring different disciplines, reading and reasoning, in a supportive atmosphere for students.

Support for all students

Second-year tutors accompany first-year tutorial groups throughout the year.

A public grande école that is free for underprivileged students

The 35% of students that receive a scholarship do not pay tuition fees (excluding the CVEC student life and campus tax). Additional scholarships are granted to these students so they can complete their year abroad and cover urgent expenses.

Equal opportunity in the competitive entrance exam

The entrance exam is selective — only 10% of candidates are admitted — but you can improve your chances of passing through your personal work or by completing a preparatory course. Every new student cohort encompasses a variety of profiles from scientific, economic and literary backgrounds and everyone is given the same opportunities. Other admissions options are possible (in second-, fourth- and fifth-year) with adapted measures such as agreements with preparatory programs and interviews with selection committees.

Come meet us

Sciences Po Rennes is present at education fairs in western France to provide information about our degree programs and admissions. Meet with faculty, students and administrative teams who are more than happy to answer your questions.

  • November 2023 : Online open house event for the ScPo Network
  • November 2023 : Student fair in Nantes
  • December 2023 :Student fair in Caen
  • December 2023 : Student fair in Rennes
  • January 2024 :Student fair in Brest
  • February 2024 : Open house event in Rennes