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Tuition fees


Tuition fees at Sciences Po Rennes are adjusted to a student’s financial resources. Scholarship students are exempted from tuition fees.

Tuition fees are due for each year of study in the Sciences Po Rennes degree.The fee schedule is updated in early July and applicable in the fall. Please ensure that you consult the correct fee schedule. Note: fifth-year students who enroll in a Master’s program at another institution must also pay tuition fees to Sciences Po Rennes. At the end of their studies, they will obtain the Sciences Po Rennes degree and their completed Master’s degree.

A public institution with affordable tuition fees

Tuition fees are determined by household income and, more specifically, on parents’ net income in relation to the number of dependents.

This net income is divided by the number of dependents in the household to determine what fee will apply.

If parents file their tax returns separately, tuition fee are determined by dividing total combined income by the total number of dependents listed on both returns.

Example :

Total gross income: €45,000 / three dependents = a net income of €15,000.

>> Tuition fee schedule

Support for scholarship students

Scholarship students make up around 35% of the student body at Sciences Po Rennes. They do not pay tuition fees (excluding the CVEC student life and campus tax).