L'engagement sociétal

A commitment to well-being


Sciences Po Rennes has established a range of measures to promote the well-being, inclusion and personal development of its students:

  • the presence of two “equality and anti-discrimination” officers
  • a [monitoring] and counselling unit
  • anti-discrimination training for staff
  • initiatives to improve mental health awareness
  • student’s choice of first name
  • training in the prevention of gender-based and sexual violence
  • presence of an on-campus psychologist every Thursday afternoon
Marlène Abondo Psychiatre et médecin légiste et François Lavalliere, magistrat et enseignant à Sciences Po Rennes
© Sciences Po Rennes / Marlène Abondo Psychiatre et médecin légiste et François Lavalliere, magistrat et enseignant à Sciences Po Rennes

A sexual and gender-based violence plan

Social and environmental responsibility has never been more important for Sciences Po Rennes. Our 2020-2025 strategic plan seeks to make exemplary progress in the protection and enhancement of our community and in building solidarity and well-being at work. The fight against all forms of discrimination, sexual and psychological harassment and sexism are a key objective. 

After measures taken in 2019, including the appointment of an equality and anti-discrimination officer, the establishment of on-campus psychology services and a range of awareness-raising initiatives, leaders at Sciences Po Rennes wished to improve and enhance the school’s efforts in the fight against discrimination and sexual and gender-based violence. 

A broad consultation process was held from February to June 2021 to define areas for improvement. The executive team warmly thanks the students, staff and outside professionals who contributed to this plan, which was approved by the Board of Directors on June 16, 2021.

Training is global in nature for first-year students, focused on sexism in politics for second-year students, and on the work environment for fourth-year students. Learning sessions are also held for student associations and staff at Sciences Po Rennes. Equality officers are now appointed at student associations, and student prevention ambassadors help raise awareness. Funding for student associations is subject to compliance with measures to fight gender-based and sexual violence.

At Sciences Po Rennes, we offer a counselling and support unit, a partnership with a victim support association, on-campus psychology services at our student health services office, and legal consulting provided via an agreement with a lawyer practicing in Rennes. Contact information for all of these professionals is available on a special web page.

An agreement with public prosecution and education authorities facilitates direct interaction on the best course of action for a given situation. A Sciences Po officer will be appointed at the public prosecutor’s office. Protective measures can be taken in accordance with the school’s code of conduct, and disciplinary proceedings launched. 

A national plan is currently in development, led by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, to support efforts to break the silence at post-secondary institutions. Sciences Po Rennes will continue to assess and enhance implemented measures on a regular basis.


Permanence des victimes du barreau de Rennes The Rennes bar association operates a victim help line. Assistance is available seven days a week between 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Online student counselling and mental support