Third year abroad


Sciences Po Rennes was the first institute of political science to make a third year abroad mandatory. Get ready for the most memorable year of your studies !

Flavie Fourel (Istanbul) / Couverture du magazine étudiant Les Décloitrés - Édition 2023

What does the third year abroad entail ?

This unparalleled experience abroad, a chance to learn a language in depth and discover other people and cultures, can take one of two forms : 

  • a full year of study at a partner university chosen by the student (from among 130 options in 41 countries).
  • one term of enrolment at a partner university and another completing an internship (four months or longer).

For both options, students sign a “learning agreement” and/or an internship agreement that establishes a framework for the year.

Students can complete their compulsory internship of six months or more during their year abroad.

Students who pass the fourth-year entrance exam can decide to enroll in a preparatory year program that includes a term of study at a partner university or a term completing a minimum four-month internship.

Choosing a destination

Sciences Po Rennes has signed cooperation and exchange agreements with more than 120 post-secondary institutions in over 42 countries on five continents. These partnerships take the form of bilateral agreements or, in the case of European universities, an Erasmus+ agreement.

Sciences Po Rennes is also a member of “ISEP” (International Student Exchange Program), which allows students to attend a university in the United States or one of 50 other countries that take part in the program.

>> Map of partner universities (forthcoming)

Preparing for your year abroad

Opt for a full-year exchange at a university, or combine studies with an internship abroad over the course of a term. Log on to your intranet account for information about :

  • the payment for your third year abroard
  • documentation to help you prepare
  • tuition fees (paid to Sciences Po Rennes)
  • financial aid