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Would you like to contribute to Sciences Po Rennes? Support comes in many forms: companies can offer an internship, pay an apprenticeship tax, or partner with us on a project.

Round table discussion at the Employment Forum in 2018
Round table discussion at the Employment Forum in 2018

Offer an internship or apprenticeship opportunity

Students at Sciences Po complete different professional placements in the public, private and non-profit sectors as part of their studies. Contact our Career Center if you’d like to offer:

  • an optional internship 
  • a compulsory internship 
  • a fifth-year apprenticeship

“Become a privileged partner of Sciences Po Rennes with our Career Center”

Sciences Po Rennes has included internships as a compulsory component in its programs since it opened. Every year, students complete over 500 internships in all types of professional environments.

Several types of internships are possible: a compulsory internship in France and abroad as part of a program, an optional internship, a third-year blended mobility internship abroad and the final-year internship of the two-year Master’s program.

Sciences Po Rennes created a Career Center in partnership with JobTeaser to connect businesses and students and help them plan their career.

The Sciences Po Rennes Career Center, accessible directly on the school’s intranet site (over 400 establishments in France and Europe), is a platform where employers can post job offers and information about employer brands. Students have access to a range of features:

  • employer profiles and information about the careers they offer (over 1,500 career videos),
  • news about employment events,
  • internship, apprenticeship and employment offers,
  • email notifications of new offers and events,
  • Detailed information on preparation for a year abroad, career goals, mobility grants, internships, writing skills reports and more.

1- Prior to publishing an offer, fill in a presentation page for your institution or company, including the name, address, business registration number (SIRET), logo and an in-depth profile. To do so, send the following link to your human resources or communications department:

Increasingly, students seek information about the organizations and companies to which they apply, such as the work environment, conditions and benefits offered. Fill in each section very carefully, and if you already have an account on JobTeaser, please contact Gilles Beaume, our Careers and Professional Relations Manager.

2-Upload your completed employer profile free of charge to the Sciences Po Career Center platform, along with your internship, apprenticeship and employment offers throughout the year.

Publish your offer using the online form to monitor progress in real time (validation, number of visits), archive the offer when the position is filled, make changes whenever needed, or republish if necessary. Once your account is created, use the email address and chosen password to log on to your Recruiter account and publish new offers quickly.

Apprenticeship tax

Companies in France pay a mandatory apprenticeship tax as a way of participating in the education of their future employees.

“Let’s prepare for the future together. Make your tax obligation a sustainable investment, and Sciences Po Rennes a professional partner.”

By supporting Sciences Po Rennes, companies:

  • play a role in innovative teaching and research projects,
  • demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility, helping finance an institution that implements a policy of equal opportunity and access to higher education for a broader range of students.
  • invest in the future by supporting excellent vocational training programs (first-time courses, double degrees, apprenticeship learning, continuing education and more),
  • support international mobility for our students, a prerequisite to accessing career opportunities.

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Become a partner

Sciences Po Rennes develops a number of partnerships with public, private and non-profit organizations in the form of agreements and joint initiatives.

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