One school, two regions, two cities – the choice is yours!


Rennes, Welcome to Brittany!

Rennes is the capital of Brittany, the most western region of France. Rennes is, in essence, a student’s city, with a total student population of over 70,000 students each year. It is also a cultural city par excellence: festivals, music, dance, contemporary art, live performances... A city which knows how to blend the historic Breton Parliament with the exquisite gastronomical experience of the ancient “Lices Market” where local produce is the key to success.

Caen, Welcome to Normandy!

Political capital of Normandy, Caen is a city with a thousand facets, only a few kilometres inland from the sea. The city of William the Conqueror boasts a beautiful historic centre, with a castle in the heart of the city, two abbeys and one of France’s oldest universities, rebuilt post-war in the style of a large American campus. Caen’s port peninsula is host to numerous cultural and innovative venues, at the crossroads of art and innovation. Drawing from the heritage of the D-Day Landings, Caen is a city which is committed to proning peace and democracy. 

Discover Western France, between land and sea

A Gateway to Europe

Experience France from within!

Every year, the Zephyr Student Association puts together a discovery programme for international students. Integration sessions enable international students to meet and get to know our native French students. Various tours are organized to help discover and explore France: Mont-Saint-Michel, the castles of the Loire Valley, Nantes, Paris, the D-Day Landing Beaches, mystical Brocéliande forest... 

Practising a sport/art at Sciences Po Rennes

Practising a sport is an ideal way to flourish during your studies. The benefits are well known to all: it’s convivial, helps reduce stress and improves your sleep…It is also a great way to get to know people and make friends. Sport at Sciences Po Rennes is also about involving as many people as possible respecting differences and regardless of their level, so just come as you are!

Join the Sciences Po Rennes’ Sports Office (BDS)! A variety of sports are on offer (football, rugby, handball, “pétanque”, etc.), with training sessions throughout the year and tournaments with other schools and establishments. Contact: @email

Broaden the range of sports’ disciplines and meet other students with SIUAPS! The “Inter-University Physical and Sports Activities Service” offers you access to a wide range of sports activities, whether individual or collective, indoor or outdoor. All you have to do is log on to your SUIAPS Rennes 1 space, pre-register for the activities and choose the time slots. You will then have to validate your pre-registration by going to the venue/location for the chosen activity. For more information:

Practice swimming in one of the four public pools! Choose between the Brequigny pool, the Gayeulles pool, the Saint-Georges pool, and the Villejean pool! Adult rates: 5.10 euros, subscription (10h = 23 euros). Discounts with the “Sortir” card (students with grants).

Practising an art:

Join the “Bureau des Arts” (BDA). It enables students to start or continue practising an artistic activity (music, dance, theatre, singing, photography, plastic arts, literature, cinema). In addition to the artistic workshops offered, the BDA organises events within Sciences Po Rennes or outside thus contributing to cultural life in the city of Rennes. A great opportunity to get away and develop your artistic talent outside of class time! Contact: @email

INSA Arts-Studies partnership. INSA offers students the opportunity to participate in their Art-Studies workshops which take place at INSA. More information will be provided at the beginning of the school year.

Medical facilities

In France, you can freely choose your doctor. The cost of a consultation is about 23€ for a general practitioner and 41€ for a specialist. The reimbursement is different depending on whether you are European citizen or not and according to your age.

​​Financial support for students


If you are in a university hall of residence or if you are renting an apartment, you can ask for an housing allowance (ALS). You can get it if you stay at least 3 months in France and if you have a long-term residence permit.


You can go to the CAF website : (category “Etudiants” and “Aide au logement”), or pick up your file at the Caisse d’Allocation Familiale (CAF) situated 6 cours des Alliés, next to the railway station.

Tel: 0820 25 35 10

What documents do I need?

European Union and European Economic Area :

  • a health insurance coverage
  • a certificate which state that your incomes are sufficient to live in France
  • identity papers

Other nationalities (outside European Union and European Economic Area) :

  • a copy of your visa and passport
  • Student affairs office

Working in France

Since the 1st July 2007, an international student may now be employed upon presentation of a valid temporary residency permit marked “étudiant”.

However, international students are not allowed to work a maximum of 964 hours per year.

Be careful not to exceed this number of hours, otherwise the temporary residency permit could be invalidated by the prefecture!

The student residency permit mainly concerns students who are citizens of countries which are not member of the European Union, and also students from some new European Union member states who want to do paid work during their period of study