Other Chairs


The Normandy Chair for Peace

Sponsored by the Université de Caen, the Maison de Recherche en Sciences Humaines and the Normandy Regional Council, the Normandy for Peace Chair is headed by Antonio A. Oposa, Jr. and coordinated by Emilie Gaillard, Professor of Private Law and accredited researcher at Sciences Po Rennes (Caen campus).

This Chair works to develop legal expertise on the rights of future generations with the aim of protecting the future and preventing ecocides.

Activities in 2021 included the launch of a round of intergenerational events with indigenous representatives; a program of studies on environmental ethics for legal practitioners; a symposium on transhumanism; webinars on different topics, round table talks on legal trends in the rights of future generations; the publication of a book, “Legal Actions for the Future”; the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille and the Environmental Law Congress in Rio de Janeiro.

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The Jean Monnet Chair

Research undertaken for the Jean Monnet Chair is co-coordinated by the Université de Rennes 1, Sciences Po Rennes and the CNRS and focuses on the European Union as an international economic stakeholder at the heart of globalization.

Activities include a webinar on the European Union and extraterritoriality and a conference on common trade policy in a time of crisis. Workshops on drafting European Citizens’ Initiatives were held at Sciences Po Rennes in partnership with Rennes city council.

 The Chair is currently held by Alan Hervé, Professor of Public Law

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