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Sports and arts


Sports, tutoring, artistic activities — the possibilities are endless.

Concert organized by the Arts Office at the end-of-year party
Rentrée sportive aux Cadets de Bretagne

Play a sport

Sports on Thursday afternoons

To promote student interaction, well-being and health, Sciences Po Rennes offers optional sports activities on Thursday afternoons from 1:30 to 6 p.m. in partnership with the community organization Cadets de Bretagne. Have fun trying a new sport, even as a beginner: athletics, basketball, badminton, cheerleading, dance, futsal, soccer, handball, swimming, petanque, strength training, rugby or tennis.

Activity schedules are co-coordinated with the Student Sports Office. Contact: @email

SIUAPS — the inter-university sports club

SIUAPS offers students access to a wide range of indoor and outdoor, individual and group sports. Registering is easy: log on to your SUIAPS Rennes 1 account to register for activities and select time slots. Complete your registration on site at the activity.

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Rentrée sportive aux Cadets de Bretagne

Arts activities at Sciences Po Rennes

In their free time, students can take a break from their course load by trying something new or continue an activity they already practice: music, dance, theater, singing, photography, art classes, literature or cinema. In addition to hosting workshops, the Arts Office organizes events at Sciences Po Rennes and other locations to promote the arts scene in Rennes.