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Throughout the program of study, special attention is paid to preparing students for a career, from initial internships to business projects.

Round table discussion at the Employment Forum in 2018
Round table discussion at the Employment Forum in 2018


Throughout their studies, students complete internships in public, private and non-profit organizations. Six types of internships are possible:

  • the compulsory Sciences Po internship (six weeks or longer): completed between the second year and before starting the fifth year, in France or abroad.
  • the compulsory internship of the French-German degree program (six weeks or longer): completed between the second year and before starting the fifth year, in France or abroad.
  • the international internship of the INSA-Sciences Po degree program (eight weeks or longer): completed in third year, abroad.
  • the optional internship (any length): at any time, at the initiative of the student, who sends an application and resume to the Career Center.
  • the international internship (four months or longer): completed during the third year (abroad).
  • the Master/Apprenticeship internship: compulsory in fifth-year professional Master’s programs.

Students can find practical information on their intranet platform (Career Center)

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The Employment Forum

The Employment Forum is an opportunity for students in different years of study to meet directly with program directors and alumni and discuss their future career goals.

The 2023 Master’s degree and employment forum

Student entrepreneurship

Sciences Po Rennes assists students wishing to start a business by providing resources to facilitate the transition from academia to the professional world. This human and logistical support is designed to build confidence and prepare students for entrepreneurship. There are two support programs:

Pepite: in Brittany, several local stakeholders assist students at different stages of their projects:

- discover the world of business: hands-on projects, like "Fabrik ta pépite"

- business coaching: students develop an original business idea into a project with help at every stage and are recognized as Student Entrepreneurs under a national scheme (visit the Career Center site for more information)

Contact Sciences Po Rennes: Gilles Beaume

Station Rennes Innovation is a network of 12 post-secondary institutions in Rennes working to promote, publicize and support the development of student and alumni projects.

This incubator is founded on the basis of cooperation and blending know-how and practices.

Representatives at Sciences Po Rennes: Pauline Cardot and Gilles Beaume

Junior Conseil: consulting services for professionals

Sciences Po Rennes Junior Conseil is a student-run business at Sciences Po Rennes. For 12 years, this student-operated structure has mobilized the multidisciplinary skills of Sciences Po Rennes students to provide consulting services to businesses in the Brittany region and beyond.

Junior Conseil offers solid expertise in three areas: public affairs and policy, finance and business strategy, and governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Sciences Po Rennes Junior Conseil

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