cours quatrième année

Strategic marketing essentials


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Nom de l’enseignant : Manon Delaury
Nombre d’heures : -H -
Nature et forme de l’épreuve : - -H
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Course focus and learning objectives
This course is designed to provide students with global marketing foundations, unveiling
marketing as a core source of value creation contributing to organisational success.

The course offers a discovery of essential marketing assets and techniques with an
international perspective based on case studies and examples from a variety of industries,
with a particular focus on cultural projects.

It is designed to provide incentives to develop a holistic marketing culture, based on the
understanding of the ‘marketing organisation’ within its fast changing environment.

"To create a strong marketing organisation, marketers must think like executives in other
departments, and executives in other departments must think more like marketers."
Philip Kotler, Marketing Management

After completing this course students should be able to:
• Utilise basic marketing management skills
• Gain an understanding of the strategic role of marketing for value creation, success and
sustainability of organisations
• Gain an appreciation of how a marketing mind set can enhance project management and
• Appreciate the key role of product development within innovative organisations
• Have a personal toolbox for marketing project management and strategic analysis, and
have incentives to develop it further and continuously

Course plan
1. Initial marketing framework
Context, purpose, assets: ingredients for strategic marketing
A. Who : the marketing stakeholders
B. What : the focus of marketing
C. Why : the purpose of marketing
D. Where: the marketing environment

2. Orchestrating value creation and delivery
How organisations work with these assets to create value
A. Targeting
B. Creating value
C. Delivering and communicating value
D. Enhancing value

During the course students attend specific methodology workshops and perform
presentations implementing these methods and tools.
1. Digital marketing management tools
Development of a shared digital toolbox with group presentations
2. Product enhancement methodology
Exhibitions and festivals case studies with group presentations
3. Case study methodology
Development of specific case studies implementing tools and concepts with group reports
and presentations

Case studies in groups of 3 students with report submission by mid-December and group
presentation during the January exam session

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