Word from the director

Crédits photo : C. ABLAIN
The IEP of Rennes was founded in 1991. It is one of the most recent of the ten IEPs that make up France's “Science Po” network.

The nature of the training offered in this network is unique in the French academic world. We are part of the system of specialized “grandes écoles”. In  this system, institutions focus on selecting students by entrance exams and interviews, with a special emphasis put on the practice of written and oral expression in small groups and the influence of the “real world of work” through the presence and participation of professionals from all sectors, who teach and advise students The “Science-Po” education offers the best of all aspects of the university system: including training in a wide range of skills and disciplines at the highest level (including law, business, economics, business management, history and political science) and the presence of a cutting edge, European renowned research team labelled by the French CNRS.

The IEP of Rennes has been part of the Science-Po (Political Science) network for fifteen years. Our proudest achievements include the fact that we have become pioneers in exploring the international sphere, as all our students spend a whole year abroad. Outside Paris, we are the institution with the highest success rate in preparing students for the “concours administratifs” (especially the entrance exam for the prestigious ENA). Thanks to the presence of the CNRS research team, Sciences-Po Rennes is also a well known research center in the fields of political science and communication with our Research Center on Administration and Politics in Europe (CRAPE). We have also been able to utilise the strength of the IEP network to open to our students the doors of the master's degrees offered by our eight partners from Lille to Aix, Lyon to Toulouse. Such a network mobilisation is combined to a “site” policy with the local universities and “écoles”. Most of our master's degrees are joint ventures with local universities. We are members of the “European University in Britanny”, “Maison des sciences de l'homme de Bretagne'' and ‘‘Europole'').

As we are a young institution, we are constantly able to look towards the future, with our hopes and projects, such as extensions to our building complex, increasing our master' students' opportunities, furthering and establishing links with the world of business.

Patrick LE FLOCH



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